Offshore Exploration and Exploitation in the Mediterranean

A report published in the Science for Environment Policy April 2012 discusses the impacts on Marine and Coastal Environments in the Mediterranean from Offshore Exploration and Exploitation.

ESG comment:
It is a seven page highly readable document which gives a stark warning about the implications from this type of exploration for our marine environment already under threat from industrial pollution, shipping/bunkering and over fishing. The Bay ecosystem is part of the wider Mediterranean and is also threatened by increasing industrial activity in this region. [Read more…]

What is the Environmental Safety Group ?

Now is the time to share your views on these environmental issues and others.

The ESG is an NGO (non-governmental organisation) that was formed in 2000. It is a registered charity and works to promote environmental issues within the community. Concerns of: air and water quality, pollution, preservation of our green areas, traffic, need for renewable energy, litter/recycling and climate change have been the focus of many ESG campaigns. The group is totally apolitical and enjoys widespread support from the community. Its membership runs into several hundred and many others are regularly invited to support or participate in local and global environmental campaigns. Visit their website at

The Environmental Safety Group

Earth Hour 2012

Against a growing number of environmental news stories becoming a more regular feature in our day to day lives, I thought I would start by briefly revisiting Earth Hour which took place last Saturday. Gibraltar supported the event which, at a global level, was a major success with accounts on the website of major corporations in the States taking collective action to entire countries in Asia participating in their thousands, clearly illustrating the appeal that this simple, yet inspiring campaign is having around the world. As an environmental group we call attention to this campaign as it reminds us all of the need to value the huge benefits of having energy online, how this has transformed our lives, the impact this is having on climate change and how we all need to shift our 2012 status onto a more sustainable footing. [Read more…]