Chief Minister meets President Obama during Washington visit

CM with Nancy Pelosi in WashingtonThe Chief Minister,the Hon. Fabian Picardo,MP. had the opportunity to meet the President of the United States of America Barrack Obama during his five-day visit to Washington.Mr. Picardo had the opportunity to speak to Mr Obama on the eve of his inauguration a the 44th President of the United States. He also attended various meetings with members of the Obama administration.

The Chief Minister and Mrs Picardo, as well as Health and Environment Minister Dr John Cortes and Mrs Cortes, attended various events around the inauguration as guests of members of the Democratic Party. These included the inauguration itself, the Candelight Dinner held before the event and the President’s Inaugural Ball.

During his Washington visit, Mr Picardo also met the Democratic Leader in the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and US Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. The Gibraltar delegation attended a function at the Ministry of the Interior held by Mr Salazar to celebrate the Inauguration.

The visit was in line with the Government’s policy to improve commercial and political links between Gibraltar and the United States and came about as a direct result of contacts made during the “Thinking Green” seminar that was held in Gibraltar last year.

The Chief Minister returned to Gibraltar today.CM with Ken Salazar in Washington

You can’t rain on my parade! By Rose Fernandez


Not many people will remember when this year’s first day of torrential rain was; but I do!
I recall waking up on the morning of the 26th of September and looking out of my window, in disbelief, at what looked like a waterfall running down my windows.
Why do I recall this you may ask? Well, it just happened to be the day of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Gibraltar’s launch party, which we had been planning every detail of for over 3 months.
The launch was planned to take place outside, with a BBQ and a summer’s evening feel to it;
but plans has to be changed just hours before the event.
Despite the short notice, we all pulled together and the inside venue ended up looking great decked out in purple & with educational posters everywhere , everything fell in to place perfectly and it all turned out better than we could have ever wished for. We believe that the rain was a blessing in disguise; the party was meant to take place inside after all.
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Gibraltar was officially inaugurated by our Chief Minister, The Honourable Fabian Picardo in what was a very well-attended party; with the attendees including
The Hon. John Cortes, The Hon. Samantha Sacramento, The Hon. Paul Balban and Opposition Minister Isobel Ellul-Hammond amongst other friends, family, medical professionals and the local press.

The launch had a family feeling to it, where adults and children alike experienced a night of enjoyment, entertainment and a medley of emotions.
The Chief Minister wore a purple tie in support of the charity and stated: ‘’ A charity like Cystic Fibrosis is a welcomed step in the right direction, it is something that the Government wants to support and we want to show our support by having an important contingent of Ministers here tonight to display visually how much we support that Rosie is putting in to this, and that Winston is helping her with.’’
He then went on to say: ‘’ I know you have already been through a lot of hard times, in getting people to realise what the charity means and what the illness is… When I woke up this morning and saw it was raining, I thought it might be a blue day for some but it has turned out to be purple for everyone’’

We would like to thank everyone who attended, donated to and supported the CFFG on what was a very important night for us.
We hope to have enlightened a part of the community about CF, and we will strive to raise awareness in the whole community about this illness; as the Chief Minister said: ‘’you can count on our support whether it is today to launch the charity or in the harder work that will come’’

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