8 Year Old Swims To Save A Life


Reference:     JDW/01/08                                                  Date: 01 August 2012


KIND hearted Ben Donohue (8) is going to swim 4.5 miles on the 1st September to raise money for critically ill Jamie Inglis (6) who he has never met.

Ben was sitting with his parents and their friend SSgt Robert Records when he overheard a conversation about Jamie.  40 year old Robert mentioned a close friend from his army training days whose son Jamie suffers from neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer.

Robert mentioned that Jamie had already beaten the deadly disease when he was only three, but he now needs to raise £250,000 to pay for relapse treatment in Germany.  Ben was moved enough to put a plan into action and decided to swim 4.5 miles as a sponsored swim.

His enthusiasm and determination stirred an idea in Robert’s mind who felt it was unfair to let him do a sponsored event on his own.  So Robert decided to run a marathon on the same day.  He will run a lap of the rock and complete the rest on a treadmill located at the Europa pool.   As if running a marathon wasn’t difficult enough in the heat, Robert will then attempt to run up the rock!

Further information is available from Command Media Officer Julia Wilde on 2005 5084.