Jessica Baldachino Takes The Crown

On its 50th anniversary the annual Miss Gibraltar show was definitely something to talk about, and we’re not referring to the power cut incident, although it definitely made the show more exciting or at least memorable. Either way Stage One Productions were not put off by the incident and continued with the show gracefully and full of enthusiasm as did the contestants and everyone else involved, and this is what professionalism is all about.

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The RGR Completes It’s First Period Of Royal Duty


After two days of duty at Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace, soldiers of The Royal Gibraltar now have a day off before their next Guard Mount. In today’s wet and windy parade they are described as the ‘Dismounting’ troops as they were handing over to the Irish Guards, who are described as the ‘Mounting’ troops. The RG will again take over from the Irish Guards on Friday for another two days of duty. So far, the parades have obviously gone wonderfully well and the soldiers are clearly very proud of their efforts. [Read more…]