The Triplets turn one!


Left to right, Alistair, Bradley & Cole
Photo by Little Lenses Photography

First and for most I would like to apologise for the delay in updating my blog, my three little munchkins have been keeping me quite busy to say the least Lol

A year ago today, Alistair, Bradley and Cole were delivered by C section and then immediately rushed off to the NICU in incubators, I barely got  a glimpse of them.  After an hour in the recovery room the consultant came to see me and explained how lucky we were to get to keep all three of them as Bradley almost didn’t make it and how he was in critical state.  Needless to say after many ups and downs all my babies pulled through like warriors.   Today they celebrate their first Birthday but also what to me was a miracle.

I see my babies smile and it fills my heart with joy.  Its funny you know, many a time have I been told “what a handful” or “I don’t envy you” others simply smile and tell me what a blessing they are, and to me that’s exactly what they are. Yes, there are days when I’m tired and feel like bashing my head against the wall, but most days are filled with laughter and joy.   Nothing to me is more satisfying that spending time with my family, my husband Peter and my four beautiful boys are my life! [Read more…]

Weeks 8 & 9

Cole, Alistair & Bradley

Cole, Alistair & Bradley

And just when I thought that all our health issues were dealt with I find out at my post natal check-up that I have an infection in my uterus and that its swollen…..great!! The OB thinks it’s due to fragments of placenta which may have remained inside me, so I have been given a course of antibiotics and have an appointment to see her again in a month.

Cole has a herniated Belly button and Alistair has some swollen lymph nodes behind his ear that need checking out too, I took them to the GP and she suggested I show their consultant, so their goes something else to worry about 🙁

The boys had their jabs yesterday and poor little Ali had a bit of a fever,  which kept me up through the night concerned as it didn’t seem to go down even with paracetamol, fortunately he woke up nice and cool in the morning.

Not all is bad news though and I’m happy to say that the boys keep on gaining weight at a healthy rate; Alistair and Bradley now weigh 7lbs 5oz while TINY Cole who is no longer that tiny is weighing 6lbs 10oz.

On Monday the boys attended their first Baby Massage class taught by the Lovely Becca Fortunato. Needless to say I needed a couple of helpers and to whom I’m very grateful to, Thanks Lily and Kayla for helping during the class and to my sister in law Jade for taking care of Evan in the meantime.


Mothercare Gibraltar have offered me a great discount in baby clothing for the next 6 months which will come in super handy and I’m ever so grateful for.

With this I conclude my weeks update as I am a little bit sleep deprived and having a very early night, hope you all have a lovely weekend.

All my love,



The Triplets Week Three – Finally Coming Home

blog pics 2Its been a crazy emotional two months in UK especially the past three weeks with the little ones in Hospital, Its been incredibly hard on all my family BUT after all the ups and downs this emotional roller coaster ride we have been through, is finally coming to an end and we will start a whole new chapter of our lives.

The babies are doing incredibly well and this week they have all made some remarkable recoveries and they have amazed everyone including their Dr’s.  On Wednesday we got a call from hospital telling us that Ali was been discharged, the next day Cole followed suit with Bradley been discharged on Friday.   Considering how poorly my babies were at first, especially Bradley, who barely made it the day he was born, it’s a miracle how well they are doing.  Only three weeks after their birth and at 34 weeks gestation my three little fighters are feeding from bottles and have are doing great.

I take the oportunity to thank the wonderful staff at the NICU at Kings College Hospital, you make one amazing team!!
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The Triplet’s Week 2


Cole enjoying Kangaroo Care

Cole enjoying Kangaroo Care

This week I’ve felt as though the world is crashing down on me, and I don’t know how much longer I can go on for, I’m usually a very positive and cheerful person unfortunately at the moment I’m a bit of an emotional wreck.

All three babies were moved from incubators to cots and Alistair and Bradley seem to be adapting just fine, can’t say the same about Cole though as his tiny body was losing a lot of heat and had to be put back in….it’s how it is with premies unfortunately, you go two steps forward get your hopes up and then you go another step back.  Cole, bless him is still the smallest of the three and the only one struggling to put on weight, and although I feel blessed just for the fact I have them with me, it’s heart breaking to see his brothers progressing and not him.

Due to obvious reasons, (above) we won’t be going back when we expected and of course it’s killing me inside to know I won’t see Peter and Evan just yet, which is so hard because a cuddle from them is exactly what I need to keep me going at this point.

My sister has been here the whole week and has been of great help with the babies and so supportive, but she too will be returning to Gibraltar this weekend L

Before my three musketeers came along I thought it was hard to be away from Evan and Peter but now, I find myself coming “home” at night at 2 or 3 am and all I want to do is grab my three boys and run, because it’s so hard  to have to leave them behind, my heart has been torn into a million pieces, and I just wish I could skip right to the end of the finished puzzle, because this is the hardest thing I have ever had to face……..BUT   just when I feel I can’t take any more of this, I get the most amazing smile from one of my babies and suddenly everything feels better and I can’t help but smile right back at him, and that’s how I find my strength I guess!!
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Weeks 29/30

30 Weeks

30 Weeks

Hey all, sorry for the delay publishing my blog this week, unfortunately I have been feeling a little under the weather lately, my feet have starting swelling, and I’m finding myself feeling more and more tired every day.

I had a scan on Friday and babies continue to grow at an impressive rate, each of them now weighing just over 3lbs, which is extremely good for triplets.  Today I finally met my consultant and she seems very happy with my pregnancy and the babies’ progress so far, she has also scheduled my C-section for the 27th June which is only four weeks away!!

The countdown begins till my hubby and little man fly over, I’m over the moon and already planning on how to make those few days extra special for little Evan. [Read more…]

Week 28

Me in Greenwich

Me in Greenwich

Well this week I finally got around to packing my hospital bag as well as the babies one, needless to say packing for labour is expensive when you have one baby, multiply that by 3 and the cost is beyond ridiculous Lol Either way I’m super excited and more than prepared in case they decided to make an early appearance.

I have a few things to celebrate this week, one of them been reaching the 28 week milestone and another been my husband’s new job, which of course has me beaming with pride, sadly I wont be home in time to see him off for his 1st day of work!!!

Peter and Evan have finally booked their flights to come visit and will be here in two weeks time, already thinking of ways to make it an extra special weekend for Evan, will probably take him to Greenwich as the is plenty to see and do there.

This week I have received a multitude of message’s from friends, family and and of course my wonderful followers, and I have nothing but gratitude, because its all those supportive messege’s and feedback I get every week that keep me going……. It has in all honesty crossed my mind a few times to hop on a plane and fly back home, but then I remind myself what I’m doing here, and I try to picture the faces of my three little beans 🙂

My Hospital Bags

My Hospital Bags

Once again thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs, I feel honored by the amount of new

followers I’m getting every week, you are one wonderful crowd.

Ciao for now,

Kat xx

Week 27

27 Week Triplat Bump

27 Week Triplat Bump

Ok, so now I’m really starting to feel uncomfortable and getting less sleep every night, between the back pain, heartburn, thirst and toilet trips, little time is left for sleep……Never the less roll on the next milestone 28 weeks xD

I finally met my midwife here in the Uk and I must say she is lovely and very professional too, we went through lots, and lots of paper work Lol  I left her clinic feeling pretty reassured since she explained that Kings College Hospital deals with preemies and multiples all the time and therefore they are well prepared for the arrival of my little beans.

Friday I had another scan and OMG how fast are my babies growing, baby c weighed 2lbs 5 Baby b is already weighing a good 2lbs 4 and Baby a is currently in the lead weighing a whopping 2lbs 6, and all this at exactly 27 weeks gestation, I was well chuffed.

After the scan the consultant popped in to see me and explained that they will plan a c section for 34 weeks as that is what is considered full term for triplets.   I have to mention how professional and friendly the whole team were from the Sonographer to the consultant and after meeting them all I have no doubts that me and my boys are in the best hands possible, therefore I’m much more relaxed  and feeling more positive than ever!!

News from Gibraltar, my prams are now on their way to London and all this thanks to Seamus McCarthy from S M Shift It LTD who has kindly offered to bring us everything over free of charge, and further than that he will keep the stuff in storage for us until the babies need them.   I cannot express my gratitude enough, and on behalf of the whole family THANK YOU.

27 Weeks Triplet Bump

27 Weeks Triplet Bump

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Week 22

Photo by Bianca Baglietto

Photo by Bianca Baglietto

With only six weeks to go, the pressure is piling on for the hubby and I to get everything ready for our little boys before I leave Gibraltar… and the worst thing of all, is that I have to do it all whilst battling with the unrelenting back pain that now tortures me day and night!

Although the pain cannot be helped by form of medication (regardless of how much I plead or pray), I have received countless back and foot rubs from my caring family which have eased the pain… if only for a minute.

Mid week we took Evan to the Lesuire centre where we all enjoyed some quality family

Yup...I'm Hormonal & Dangerous Lol

Yup…I’m Hormonal & Dangerous Lol

time.  Evan loves to Bowl and so we played a few rounds followed by a few arcade games.  Peter also treated us to one lovely meal and so we had a perfect day out.

Saturday was a busy day … We started off the day with a family photoshoot at the beach and with the weather on our side we were able to enjoy the warm sunshine and Evan got to play around in the sand. After lunch, Evan and I went to my cousin’s birthday tea party, where we enjoyed some lovely strawberry and cream sponge cake.

Behind the Scenes, Bianca & Myself

Behind the Scenes, Bianca & Myself

With regards to “getting ready for the boys”, my lovely relatives have this week helped me be that much closer to my goal. As with my first son, there were some large items which – from day one – I scoured the shops to make sure I found just the right one for my babies. With regards to the bouncer, I knew I’d found the right one when I saw a velvety, blue bouncing cradle (which plays music and vibrates). My Auntie and Uncle, who had also bought me a bouncer for young Evan when he was a born, along with their son, daughter and son-in-law have bought my little

My New Bouncing Cradles

My New Bouncing Cradles

men three matching bouncing baby cradles… just the ones I wanted.

Farewell for now, all my love,


Photo’s by Bianca Baglietto Photography

Week 16

DSC_5807fbHi all, this weeks has been quite exciting.  As you all might know, I found out I’m having three boys :).  Now the next step is agreeing on three names with the hubby lol it won’t be an easy task, therefore I was thinking of us choosing a few names each and having a poll on my blog.  Would love to hear your opinion on the matter, as I’m in need of inspiration lately, you know baby x 3 and all.

I have also been busy with photo shoots, thanks to my friend Bianca who is a fantastic photographer by the way.

Early in the week I had to pay a visit to maternity ward as I was getting some cramps, apparently they were only ligament pains so I was sent home after been checked out by the DR.

OH I almost forgot, today I’ve felt babies move properly for the first time, even hubby and  baby got to feel them 🙂 what an amazing feel it was. [Read more…]

Week 17


week 17 bumpHello to all the lovely people following my blog on a weekly basis, and to any newcomers, who may have just come across for the first time.
I have loads to tell this week, unfortunately it hasn’t been a very good one 🙁  First of all, I started to suffer from a bad pain on my right leg, which has been persisting throughout the week, after visiting the Dr on two different occasion’s with the same complaint she decided to play it safe and send me for an ultrasound to rule out any clots.   I am very happy to say that no clots where found, although unfortunately my leg is still hurting Lol [Read more…]