Jackie Canessa Author of “The Feather”

Jackie dedicated twenty two years of her life to her job as a civil servant, she then decided to embark on a different journey and built a real estate business from scratch which she later sold to retire and pursue a career in writing (check out her website www.jackiecanessa.com and you can get more info in the ‘about me’ section).  Creativity, she says has been her propulsive energy. “With hindsight I feel I have wasted years….a nine to five routine job felt claustrophobic hence me finally having the ‘guts’ to leave a stable well paid job to face the challenge of creating a business….when the challenge was over, ie the business was up and running, doing extremely well, I began to get ‘uneasy’ again…now fully dedicated to my writing, I understand ‘this’ is what I have been meant to be doing…writing providing a ceaseless challenge…..” [Read more…]