The Triplets turn one!


Left to right, Alistair, Bradley & Cole
Photo by Little Lenses Photography

First and for most I would like to apologise for the delay in updating my blog, my three little munchkins have been keeping me quite busy to say the least Lol

A year ago today, Alistair, Bradley and Cole were delivered by C section and then immediately rushed off to the NICU in incubators, I barely got  a glimpse of them.  After an hour in the recovery room the consultant came to see me and explained how lucky we were to get to keep all three of them as Bradley almost didn’t make it and how he was in critical state.  Needless to say after many ups and downs all my babies pulled through like warriors.   Today they celebrate their first Birthday but also what to me was a miracle.

I see my babies smile and it fills my heart with joy.  Its funny you know, many a time have I been told “what a handful” or “I don’t envy you” others simply smile and tell me what a blessing they are, and to me that’s exactly what they are. Yes, there are days when I’m tired and feel like bashing my head against the wall, but most days are filled with laughter and joy.   Nothing to me is more satisfying that spending time with my family, my husband Peter and my four beautiful boys are my life! [Read more…]

The Triplets Week 4 & 5

Alistair, Cole & Bradley

Alistair, Cole & Bradley

Hi there, babies have kept me quite busy these past two weeks, so not had much time to update you all. We are now adapting to new routines  and It hasn’t been easy, but we are getting there and it feels amazing to be back home with all my family & friends.

Evan is completely taken by his little brothers and is always willing to lend mummy a hand, he fetches nappies and wipes and even sings to them when they cry 🙂 he is such a sweetie bless him.

My family, as usual have all been helping us out as well, especially my mum and sister, and of course my aunt who even flew over to UK especially to help us fly the babies back home. I feel blessed to have such a supportive family and I love them all to bits and so grateful to have them in my life!

Since arriving in Gib the boys have had some follow ups in our local hospital, they all had their retinas checked and Ali and Cole have been given the all clear by the eye department, Bradley on the other hand has to be checked again in two weeks time.   Next week the boys will have their first jab, the BGC vaccine, and although I know it’s in their  best interest I feel awful because I know it will make them cry. [Read more…]

Gibraltar at the IDO Annual Conference

IDO annual conferenceGibraltar was represented at the recent 2013 International Dance Organisation (IDO) annual conference held in Portroz, Slovenia, by the Gibraltar National Dance Organisation President, Seamus Byrne.

At the conference Seamus was able to team up with the newly appointed Web Team IDO: IDO Vice-President Michael Wednt from Germany- responsible for the official IDO webpage; Gaynor Johnson from Slovenia – responsible for IDO Facebook and Seamus who is the administrator for IDO YouTube.

Seamus was invited by the IDO President, Jorn Strobraten from Norway to give a presentation on IDO YouTube to all member nations present at the event that included 32 countries from 4 continents. [Read more…]

The Triplets – Week 1

katrines tripletsHi all, it’s been one crazy and hectic week.  My little fighters are now one week old and although struggling a little to put on weight, they are all doing very well.  All three are now breathing unassisted and have been moved from NICU to Special care baby unit which is a great progress itself.   Last week our paediatrician from Gibraltar, who will be taking care of our babies on our return gave us great news, he said if all continues as well then the babies could be transferred to our local hospital as early as the end of the week.

It’s been an emotional week BUT I am adamant to remain positive.  It’s already a miracle how well they are doing and we are grateful for the fact they are still with us and progressing fast.  Oh did I mention they look identical…’s good they have name tags lol.

Thank you all for the next wishes and concern till next week

All my love, Kat x


Fabian Vinet and Steve Hogarth

Fabian Vinet and Steve Hogarth

The band Marillion are no strangers to the Rock – frontman Steve Hogarth has performed a solo show at Saint Michael’s Cave as well as been a judge at the Miss Gibraltar pageant, while the band themselves played a successful 2007 concert at the Tercentenary Sports Hall that proved to be one of the best attended of a lengthy European tour. Now they are about to strengthen their links with Gibraltar even further by helping a charitable venture in aid of the Children’s Ward at Saint Bernard’s Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Local lawyer and former Government Minister Fabian Vinet, a former patient at Great Ormond Street, will soon be announcing details of a charitable venture he will be undertaking together with his wife Genevieve. Helping to increase the funds collected will be Marillion, who are auctioning a deluxe copy of their latest album, “Sounds That Can’t Be Made”, signed by all five members of the band. This deluxe package of the album is in itself already a collectors edition as it includes not only the band’s excellent 17th studio album but also a DVD featuring a documentary and exclusive live-in-the-studio performances, both in a 128-page hardback book containing artwork and lyrics, but the fact that it is signed by the entire band will make it particularly attractive for any fan of the veteran outfit.

Fabian Vinet, a close personal friend of singer Steve Hogarth, explains that an even more unique and valuable item is also up for grabs: “I contacted the band’s manager, Lucy Jordache, asking for the band to provide a signed CD to auction and she immediately agreed, for which I’m very grateful, but a few days later Steve called and without any prompting from me said he would also personally handwrite any three lyrics of his songs, allowing the three highest bidders to each choose the lyrics to any one of his songs, which he would then sign and frame. The availability of these much sought-after and unique items of memorabilia could potentially raise thousands of pounds for the Rainbow Ward at Saint Bernard’s as well as Great Ormond Street Hospital which as everyone knows has performed many miracles and helped a great number of Gibraltarian children. Steve’s offer is an act of selfless, gracious generosity that I am particularly grateful for and touched by.”

Mr Vinet went on to explain that just one day into the bidding process, substantial offers had been received from a number of European countries, but he wanted to ensure that Marillion fans in Gibraltar also had a chance to bid. Serious offers should be sent to with the subject line ‘Marillion Auction’, specifying which item is being bid for as well as full name and contact details. The auction will close at midnight on 30th April 2013.

Chief Minister meets President Obama during Washington visit

CM with Nancy Pelosi in WashingtonThe Chief Minister,the Hon. Fabian Picardo,MP. had the opportunity to meet the President of the United States of America Barrack Obama during his five-day visit to Washington.Mr. Picardo had the opportunity to speak to Mr Obama on the eve of his inauguration a the 44th President of the United States. He also attended various meetings with members of the Obama administration.

The Chief Minister and Mrs Picardo, as well as Health and Environment Minister Dr John Cortes and Mrs Cortes, attended various events around the inauguration as guests of members of the Democratic Party. These included the inauguration itself, the Candelight Dinner held before the event and the President’s Inaugural Ball.

During his Washington visit, Mr Picardo also met the Democratic Leader in the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and US Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. The Gibraltar delegation attended a function at the Ministry of the Interior held by Mr Salazar to celebrate the Inauguration.

The visit was in line with the Government’s policy to improve commercial and political links between Gibraltar and the United States and came about as a direct result of contacts made during the “Thinking Green” seminar that was held in Gibraltar last year.

The Chief Minister returned to Gibraltar today.CM with Ken Salazar in Washington

Gaggero Foundation supports 300 students through Young Enterprise Gibraltar

“Founder of the Gaggero Foundation, Mr James Gaggero (left) donated a cheque for £50,000 to the Chairman of Young Enterprise Gibraltar, Mr Carlos Garcia.”

For the fourth year running the Gaggero Foundation has donated £50,000 to support Young Enterprise in Gibraltar. The scheme was introduced to Gibraltar from the UK in 2008, initially at the Gibraltar College, and it enables students in full time education to get hands-on experience of what it is like to set up and run a business.

Young Enterprise is an extracurricular activity which students undertake voluntarily in addition to their formal studies. They decide what product or service they wish to provide the local community and then they raise capital, issue shares, elect a board of directors and form a company. The ideas and decisions – good and bad – are taken by the students, but they are supported by link teachers who guide them and also by local volunteers from the business community who challenge them on the decisions they make and act as mentors. The success of their efforts is judged in May each year when students must liquidate their companies, write a detailed company report which must include financial statements highlighting the profits they have achieved. At an awards ceremony each team also has to make a public presentation about their companies and what they achieved.

Commenting on the success of Young Enterprise, Mr James Gaggero, Chairman of the Bland Group and founder of the Gaggero Foundation said, “This last year has been another year of achievement for Young Enterprise Gibraltar. Not only has the scheme expanded to include Westside but the scheme has also run a variety of programmes in addition to the flagship Company Programme.” Once again James Gaggero acknowledged and thanked the teachers and business mentors who have participated in Young Enterprise throughout the year.

Chairman of Young Enterprise Gibraltar, Mr Carlos Garcia thanked the Gaggero Foundation for its continued support and added, “Last year the committee set itself a goal to develop Young Enterprise further in Gibraltar by rolling out the successful Company Programme to other schools and also by introducing new programmes from the YE organisation. We are very pleased with the success in achieving this goal but what has made it really rewarding is the enthusiasm with which the students have participated. The creativity and motivation of the students has been very impressive. From a standing start four years ago with just 26 participants one of last year’s local teams came third overall in the UK finals out of a total of 2,000 companies and 30,000 students. The continued solid support of the Gaggero Foundation enables Young Enterprise to develop and thrive in Gibraltar. On behalf of the Committee, schools and students I would like to thank the Gaggero Foundation for its generous support.”
More than 300 students have benefited from the Young Enterprise experience this year. In the next 12 months there are plans to involve more schools in Gibraltar across other age groups which should see the numbers rise to over 500.



No.6 Convent Place
Tel:20070071; Fax: 20043057



No: 363/2012

Date: 7th June 2012


Their Royal Highnesses the Earl and Countess of Wessex are visiting the Rock from Monday to Wednesday of next week as part of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. During their stay they will visit many parts of Gibraltar and meet a crosssection of people from across the local community. There will also be several opportunities for the public to give their own welcome to the Royal visitors.

Arriving at lunchtime on Monday, Their Royal Highnesses are being met by His Excellency the Governor and the Chief Minister. The Royal couple will then drive across the runwayto RAF Gibraltar to inspect a Tri-Service Guard of Honour.

At around 12.30 after a short ‘walkabout’ in John Mackintosh Square, Their Royal Highnesses will watch excerpts from the Gibraltar Academy of Dance’s production of ‘AnAudience with the Queen’ on a specially-erected stage in the Square. A walk along Main Street to the Convent will then take place, providing another opportunity for everyone to welcome them.

At a public ceremony at 7pm on Monday, the Royal visitors are laying the foundation stone for the Diamond Jubilee Monument on Line Wall Road where it overlooks the site of the new Jubilee Commonwealth Park. They then move on to a reception at King’s Bastion before attending a Government dinner as guests of honour.

Tuesday’s programme includes a visit to Headquarters British Forces, the unveiling of a plaque on the Moroccan Fountain in Alameda Gardens to honour Moroccan Workers in Gibraltar and a visit to the Museum.

In the afternoon, they drive to the Upper Rock with a stop at Queen’s Lookout to meet several local people involved with Her Majesty the Queen’s visit in 1954. Later, their programme includes the opening of a children’s playground at the Moorish Castle Estate, which has been included together with other estates at the express wish of the Chief Minister to enable the Royal visitors to meet a real cross-section of Gibraltarians from all walks of life. In the evening, Their Royal Highnesses attend the Queen’s Birthday Parade in Casemates Square followed by the Queen’s Birthday Party at the Convent.

As well as public events, Their Royal Highnesses are presenting Duke of Edinburgh awards and are scheduled to meet local religious leaders. Their itinerary also includes visits to the Mission for Seafarers, the Port Authority and the new law courts.

The Earl will visit GibDock and the two rowing clubs where he is naming a new boat and present regatta awards. Meanwhile, the Countess’s busy programme includes visits to the Girl Guides’ headquarters and to St Martin’s School.

Having visited the Laguna estate on Wednesday morning, the Royal couple will tour the airport’s new terminal building. His Excellency the Governor and the Chief Minister then say their farewells before the Royal visitors board their flight back to London.


The Spanish Royal Family Fail To Attend Queens Jubilee Lunch

Queen Sofia fails to attend a lunch in London due to dissagreement over Gibraltar.  A spokesman for the Spanish royals  said that Sofia’s presence would be ‘inappropriate in the current circumstances.  Queen Sofia’s cancelation came just a week after Spain made a formal protest to Britain over Prince Edward’s visit to Gibraltar.   Prince Edward will stay in Gibraltar for a period of three days, accompanied by the Countess of Wessex.


Offshore Exploration and Exploitation in the Mediterranean

A report published in the Science for Environment Policy April 2012 discusses the impacts on Marine and Coastal Environments in the Mediterranean from Offshore Exploration and Exploitation.

ESG comment:
It is a seven page highly readable document which gives a stark warning about the implications from this type of exploration for our marine environment already under threat from industrial pollution, shipping/bunkering and over fishing. The Bay ecosystem is part of the wider Mediterranean and is also threatened by increasing industrial activity in this region. [Read more…]