Weeks 8 & 9

Cole, Alistair & Bradley

Cole, Alistair & Bradley

And just when I thought that all our health issues were dealt with I find out at my post natal check-up that I have an infection in my uterus and that its swollen…..great!! The OB thinks it’s due to fragments of placenta which may have remained inside me, so I have been given a course of antibiotics and have an appointment to see her again in a month.

Cole has a herniated Belly button and Alistair has some swollen lymph nodes behind his ear that need checking out too, I took them to the GP and she suggested I show their consultant, so their goes something else to worry about 🙁

The boys had their jabs yesterday and poor little Ali had a bit of a fever,  which kept me up through the night concerned as it didn’t seem to go down even with paracetamol, fortunately he woke up nice and cool in the morning.

Not all is bad news though and I’m happy to say that the boys keep on gaining weight at a healthy rate; Alistair and Bradley now weigh 7lbs 5oz while TINY Cole who is no longer that tiny is weighing 6lbs 10oz.

On Monday the boys attended their first Baby Massage class taught by the Lovely Becca Fortunato. Needless to say I needed a couple of helpers and to whom I’m very grateful to, Thanks Lily and Kayla for helping during the class and to my sister in law Jade for taking care of Evan in the meantime.


Mothercare Gibraltar have offered me a great discount in baby clothing for the next 6 months which will come in super handy and I’m ever so grateful for.

With this I conclude my weeks update as I am a little bit sleep deprived and having a very early night, hope you all have a lovely weekend.

All my love,



Gib Report, the Gibraltar app that gets everyone talking!

Gib Report is an iphone/iPad app that enables the user to report quickly and easily any activity that is worth addressing in Gibraltar.
It is available for download on the iTunes app Store now. All the proceeds until 19th December 2012 will go to GBC Open Day. Our target is 1000 downloads.
You can support GBC Open Day and Gib Report not only by purchasing the app (for yourself or as a gift) but also by rating the app on the App store. You can check Gib Report download progress and find more information on its Facebook page: Gib Report.
How does the Gib Report app work?
– From the home screen, simply navigate and select the correct option.
You will be able to report by email or in some instances by phone.
– Clicking on the phone icon will dial for you. – Clicking on the email icon will fill in the email address for you.
Gib Report enables you to report to the following:
. Police . Media . Health and Safety bodies . The Ombudsman . Human Rights organisations . Trade Unions . Childline . Women in Need . Citizens Advice Bureau . Department of consumer Affairs . GibElect . GibSat . AquaGib . Gibtelecom . GSPCA
and much more!
You will also be able to take a picture and send it to the police or anybody else in just a couple of taps.
Gib Report also includes a fun “Happy Report” section where you can share good moments with your friends and family.
So why not download Gib Report now? You will support a great initiative and have a great new tool in your pocket!


You can’t rain on my parade! By Rose Fernandez


Not many people will remember when this year’s first day of torrential rain was; but I do!
I recall waking up on the morning of the 26th of September and looking out of my window, in disbelief, at what looked like a waterfall running down my windows.
Why do I recall this you may ask? Well, it just happened to be the day of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Gibraltar’s launch party, which we had been planning every detail of for over 3 months.
The launch was planned to take place outside, with a BBQ and a summer’s evening feel to it;
but plans has to be changed just hours before the event.
Despite the short notice, we all pulled together and the inside venue ended up looking great decked out in purple & with educational posters everywhere , everything fell in to place perfectly and it all turned out better than we could have ever wished for. We believe that the rain was a blessing in disguise; the party was meant to take place inside after all.
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Gibraltar was officially inaugurated by our Chief Minister, The Honourable Fabian Picardo in what was a very well-attended party; with the attendees including
The Hon. John Cortes, The Hon. Samantha Sacramento, The Hon. Paul Balban and Opposition Minister Isobel Ellul-Hammond amongst other friends, family, medical professionals and the local press.

The launch had a family feeling to it, where adults and children alike experienced a night of enjoyment, entertainment and a medley of emotions.
The Chief Minister wore a purple tie in support of the charity and stated: ‘’ A charity like Cystic Fibrosis is a welcomed step in the right direction, it is something that the Government wants to support and we want to show our support by having an important contingent of Ministers here tonight to display visually how much we support that Rosie is putting in to this, and that Winston is helping her with.’’
He then went on to say: ‘’ I know you have already been through a lot of hard times, in getting people to realise what the charity means and what the illness is… When I woke up this morning and saw it was raining, I thought it might be a blue day for some but it has turned out to be purple for everyone’’

We would like to thank everyone who attended, donated to and supported the CFFG on what was a very important night for us.
We hope to have enlightened a part of the community about CF, and we will strive to raise awareness in the whole community about this illness; as the Chief Minister said: ‘’you can count on our support whether it is today to launch the charity or in the harder work that will come’’

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-Contact details: Tel: 54008614 Email: cffgib@hotmail.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/CFFoundationGibraltar/ Twitter: CFFGIB1

Gib Day In London, Press Release By Chief Minister

My dear friends

Thank you very much indeed for being here today.

Although a day to celebrate Gibraltar in London and indeed, this
lunch for financial services providers has become a fixture of the London calendar, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I am involved as Chief Minister with my colleague Mr Gilbert Licudi QC here as minister for Financial Services.

Last year, I attended this lunch as a professional in the sector myself and as Leader of the Opposition.

I am sorry that the Leader of the Opposition now, Mr Caruana QC who was Chief Minister last year, has not been able to accept my invitation to be with us today.

I saw last year that it is important for Gibraltar to engage with those of you in London who are already familiar with what we have to offer as a jurisdiction and to keep you up to date with developments in our economy.

In fact, it is as important for us also to engage with those of you who are here to hear for the first time what opportunities Gibraltar can provide.

Let me then first of all update you on what is happening at a macro economic level and in political terms, while Gilbert will after lunch take you through an update of what is happening in the financial services industry.

We won the General Election in Gibraltar on 9th December of last year.

That change of Government will not result in any changes of any consequence to our corporate tax regime.

In fact, the principal of the new Income Tax Act – setting out a rate of tax of 10% – enjoyed the support of my party when we were in Opposition.

The model of low and competitive corporate tax is not only one which we will respect now that we are the Government;

It is one we were advocating from Opposition when the no tax model linked to a payroll tax was floated.

But one innovation you will have already have appreciated is that I recommended to the Governor of Gibraltar the appointment of a Minister for Financial Services.

That allows the industry to have easier access to its relevant minister than if they need to access the Chief Minister for every eventuality.

Gilbert, who took Silk some weeks after we were elected into Government, is also Minister for gambling.

As you will be aware, Gibraltar is the pre-eminent jurisdiction in the establishment and regulation of remote gaming.

We are well poised to remain so; enjoying the highest standards of regulation as well as an open and accessible labour market to facilitate the operators need to recruit specialist skilled employees from outside Gibraltar – either from within or outside the EU.

That has all made possible, of course, by the establishment in Gibraltar of some of the most advanced telecoms infrastructure in Europe.

During the last period of administration by my party, we were responsible for the attraction to Gibraltar of Nynex of New York who, in the late 80s, laid a fibre network in Gibraltar before fibre had arrived in much of the rest of Europe.

Today communications is vitally important to Gibraltar’s business community – as it is throughout the world.

Gibtelecom – the largest of our local communications companies is a founder shareholder and participant in the Europe India Gateway – a new 15,000 km submarine cable from London to Mumbai.

This link, amongst a number of other telecommunication routes, plays an important part in positioning Gibraltar as an international communications hub as evidenced by the growing ecommerce and related business now being done on the Rock.

But perhaps more importantly, it puts us within striking distance of ensuring that in Gibraltar business and citizens should soon be able to enjoy the fastest broadband speeds in Europe.

And the challenge, which we pursue as a Government vigourously, is to also seek to ensure that such services are provided at a cost that is affordable to consumers and DRIVES DOWN the cost of doing business in Gibraltar.

Undoubtedly, we will face other challenges in the coming months and years.

Suggestions from Europe of a Financial Transaction Tax are a challenge not just for Gibraltar but also for you in the City of London.

Ideas about a tax on services, whether they affect pure financial services, gaming or other services will face stiff opposition from all of us who believe in open markets throughout the EU at least.

But in partnership with friends in the City, we know that Gibraltar can remain an ever more attractive destination from which to do business with Europe and the world.

In facing up to new challenges and new opportunities, what we ask you as a Government is that you share your concerns and your ideas with us so that we can become the facilitators of new business to the mutual benefit of London and the Rock.

In a modern, highly regulated world, Gibraltar has shown itself the equal of others in the establishment of the pre-eminent jurisdiction for online gaming.

Our financial services offering is equally modern in its offering, highly and efficiently regulated and innovative in outlook.

So welcome this opportunity to stay in touch, renew old contacts and establish new ones – and to remember that despite being a Rock, Gibraltar is not a hard place to do business.


‘This generosity is what makes Gibraltar the community it is.’

That was the essence of chief minister Fabian Picardo’s speech when he accepted the keys to a mobility ambulance from Kishin Alwani, whose personally-funded Alwani Trust had bought the brand-new £13,700 vehicle for use by the Gibraltar MS Therapy Centre. The chief minister accepted the keys to symbolise that the vehicle was a gift for the whole community. Also present were health minister John Cortes and minister for technical services Paul Balban, whose department had expedited the exemption certificate to allow the ambulance to have tinted windows. Many users and supporters of the centre, in Flint Road, North Front, were there along with the centre’s manager Jamie Pratts. The centre houses Gibraltar’s only oxygen chambers, which are used to treat a wide spectrum of conditions, including MS, ME, operation ulcers, divers’ bends and many others. It is operated by the manager and three trainees provided by the government.

According to Jamie Pratts, the problem was that many patients had to cancel their appointments because they couldn’t find anyone to transport them to the centre and back. This meant they had to hire a taxi, which was difficult for some of them to afford on a regular basis as many of them are wheelchair users. The centre approached the Alwani Trust in the hope of receiving a contribution towards the much-needed ambulance and were delighted when Kishin offered to pay the full amount. Fabian Picardo also told Mr Alwani that ‘the ambulance will live on as a tribute to your wife.’  Mrs Rajni Alwani passed away recently, and there is a plaque inside the ambulance with the words, ‘This Ambulance was donated by the Alwani Trust in memory of Mrs Rajni K Alwani.’ The ambulance is fully fitted as a mobility vehicle, with a wheelchair lift rather than a ramp, which is more comfortable for the patient as well as those assisting.

The centre has two comfortably fitted chambers – a four-seater and a six-seater – where patients spend an hour inhaling the oxygen-rich atmosphere. During this time they can read, talk, or listen to a DVD. Mr Pratts senior, the manager’s father, said that the centre has between nine and eleven sessions a day, treating 130 people a week. ‘It treats most healing processes,’ he said. ‘The list is almost endless – there is nothing that oxygen can’t help’



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Helpful Tips For Job Interviews

When applying for a job it’s important to research about the company culture, what they do and how the work, and then think of ways in which you could be beneficial to the company.  A great resource for your research would be there website.

Fidgeting is a big NO, if you tend to fidget when you’re nervous or under pressure use your hands to express yourself whilst talking. By avoiding this you will appear more relaxed and confident.  Think of an interview as selling a product, you have to convince them that YOU are indeed the best person for the job.


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Skin Care Tips for Winter

As winter aproches it is now time to change our skin care routines, and you know summer is over when your glow begins to fade.  With every seasonal change, a facial is adviced to jump start your skin care routine, this way you will start the new season on a clean slate, and leave your skin feeling and looking great.

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated in the summer, but now that the weather conditions are changing drinking water isn’t one of our main priorities anymore???? Or is it??  It is just as important to maintain hydrated in the winter as it is in the summer and if you want to achieve healthier looking skin this is definitely a must!!

Flaxseed oil intake is also proved to help repair and protect skin. [Read more…]

Gibraltar Air Cadets Media Release


Reference:     JDW/15/08                                                  Date: 15 August 2012


SEVEN Air Cadets from No 2 Overseas (Gibraltar) Squadron have just returned home following a weeks training at The National Air Cadet Adventure Centre Llanbedr, (NACAC) in West Wales.

The all weather activities included mountain walking, orienteering, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, canoeing and dry slope skiing. All activities are organised and run by qualified experienced staff.Despite very wet conditions Flight Sergeant Aden Cox carried out the residential part of his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and the other six cadets carried out their Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the Snowdonia region.

In order to complete these sections the cadets had to be completely self-sufficient.  They navigated themselves over a three day period and camped for two nights. Wing Commander David Miller, who assessed the expedition, said: “The cadets were walking in some very difficult terrain. It was boggy from all the rain and also on occasions the visibility was very poor. Considering the type of conditions the cadets usually experience they performed extremely well”.

Once the expedition had finished the cadets got the chance to join in the many activities provided by the centre, Cadet Megan Bellaque said: “I was able to try new things and overcome fears. I didn’t think I would but I just got on with it and listened to the instructors”.

Cadet Aysha Panter said: “I had high hopes for the expedition but even my expectations weren’t as good as the reality of it, I had fun even though there was so much rain!”

Many of the cadets were nervous of rock climbing but went on to overcome their fears and enjoy the experience. Corporal Rohana Dewfall said: “I reached new heights not only on the climbing wall, but on a personal level. I also got to abseil down the rock, what a view.”

Cadet Cheyenne Woolf said: “Despite the fact this was my third year on an adventure training camp, I learnt something about myself on each activity. I had a brilliant time and made memorable accomplishments like climbing to the top of the slab”.

Cadet Ryan Guiling reflected on his week: “I thoroughly enjoyed the expedition, it was very hard but we felt like we achieved something, but most of all I had an amazing time learning to ski”.  Cadet Ryan Gerrard added: “I got to learn a new skill and found a new hobby – sailing. I will also not forget the experience of walking in the Welsh countryside”.

Flying Officer Justin Felice, who accompanied the cadets to the UK praised their efforts: “The Gibraltar cadets’ behaviour throughout the week was excellent. The expedition was very hard but the cadets showed good team work, resilience to the extreme elements and most of all maintained a good sense of humour throughout. Well done and congratulations.”

For further information on the Air Training Corps please contact Flying Officer Justin Felice on 58008180.


For further information please contact Command Media Officer Julia Wilde on 2005 5084.

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Premiere of the Gibraltar World Music Festival hits allthe right notes!

The Gibraltar World Music Festival (GWMF) and its debutevent Sephardic Divas was a tremendous success, with every seat in the cavesold. Yan Delgado and Frederic Ohana who were assisted by Liene lapsevska†ofthe Gibraltar Philarmonic Society were delighted by the enthusiastic welcomethat the festival received. An entirely   Ladino Music not only in the Gibraltar community, but throughoutEurope and the rest of the world. The event took  place on the 9th of July at StMichaelís Cave, and has placed Gibraltar firmly on the map of world musicevents. Headlining the event were Sarah Aroeste from New York, OFIR fromMadrid, FranÁoise Atlan from France and Marrakech and Mor Karbasi fromJerusalem based in Seville. Numerous radio stations covered the concert and theevent was filmed on the day. Despite being itís debut, GWMF is already gainingrecognition internationally, with collaborations with institutions in Fez andParis already on the cards.  [Read more…]

New Charity Established in Gibraltar



A new charity named the ‘’Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Gibraltar’’ has been established in Gibraltar, the charity will have for its main objectives the constant and vigorous campaigning and contact with the Gibraltar Health Authority and all other relevant  authorities and organisations in Gibraltar and elsewhere for the attainment, creation, maintenance and supervision of medical and social facilities and conditions  of excellence to provide for the treatment and awareness in Gibraltar and elsewhere of those persons and the families affected by Cystic Fibrosis in order to ensure a meaningful and beneficial improvement in their lives and to provide practical and emotional support and information on all matters connected with Cystic Fibrosis.

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