The Triplets turn one!


Left to right, Alistair, Bradley & Cole
Photo by Little Lenses Photography

First and for most I would like to apologise for the delay in updating my blog, my three little munchkins have been keeping me quite busy to say the least Lol

A year ago today, Alistair, Bradley and Cole were delivered by C section and then immediately rushed off to the NICU in incubators, I barely got  a glimpse of them.  After an hour in the recovery room the consultant came to see me and explained how lucky we were to get to keep all three of them as Bradley almost didn’t make it and how he was in critical state.  Needless to say after many ups and downs all my babies pulled through like warriors.   Today they celebrate their first Birthday but also what to me was a miracle.

I see my babies smile and it fills my heart with joy.  Its funny you know, many a time have I been told “what a handful” or “I don’t envy you” others simply smile and tell me what a blessing they are, and to me that’s exactly what they are. Yes, there are days when I’m tired and feel like bashing my head against the wall, but most days are filled with laughter and joy.   Nothing to me is more satisfying that spending time with my family, my husband Peter and my four beautiful boys are my life! [Read more…]

November 2013 Out & About – St. Paul’s School

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Week 15

baby c

Baby A

Baby A

Hi all, this week has been a little uneventful, the highlight being I was admitted into hospital with Ketones and some abdominal cramps Lol  I spent two nights at St Bernards Hospital in the Maternity ward where I was treated very well by all the staff.  I will take this opportunity to thank them all for taking such good care of me during my stay.

On Thursday which was Valentines Day, I had a scan where I saw my three beautiful babies kicking and wiggling about, it feels  just as amazing every time I see them!!  Baby B


Today I am going for a private gender scan in Spain at Clinica Medrano, they are not only super professional but also very friendly and welcoming too. I cant wait to find out what the gender of my babies is, and of course very excited to share it with all of you in a special update tomorrow.   So watch this space for my gender reveal tomorrow as I promise to make it something special.


Baby C

Baby C

until then, all my love to all the wonderful people who are following my blog , especially to those sending me supportive messages.

Kat xx

Helpful Tips For Job Interviews

When applying for a job it’s important to research about the company culture, what they do and how the work, and then think of ways in which you could be beneficial to the company.  A great resource for your research would be there website.

Fidgeting is a big NO, if you tend to fidget when you’re nervous or under pressure use your hands to express yourself whilst talking. By avoiding this you will appear more relaxed and confident.  Think of an interview as selling a product, you have to convince them that YOU are indeed the best person for the job.


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Gibraltar Air Cadets Media Release


Reference:     JDW/15/08                                                  Date: 15 August 2012


SEVEN Air Cadets from No 2 Overseas (Gibraltar) Squadron have just returned home following a weeks training at The National Air Cadet Adventure Centre Llanbedr, (NACAC) in West Wales.

The all weather activities included mountain walking, orienteering, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, canoeing and dry slope skiing. All activities are organised and run by qualified experienced staff.Despite very wet conditions Flight Sergeant Aden Cox carried out the residential part of his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and the other six cadets carried out their Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the Snowdonia region.

In order to complete these sections the cadets had to be completely self-sufficient.  They navigated themselves over a three day period and camped for two nights. Wing Commander David Miller, who assessed the expedition, said: “The cadets were walking in some very difficult terrain. It was boggy from all the rain and also on occasions the visibility was very poor. Considering the type of conditions the cadets usually experience they performed extremely well”.

Once the expedition had finished the cadets got the chance to join in the many activities provided by the centre, Cadet Megan Bellaque said: “I was able to try new things and overcome fears. I didn’t think I would but I just got on with it and listened to the instructors”.

Cadet Aysha Panter said: “I had high hopes for the expedition but even my expectations weren’t as good as the reality of it, I had fun even though there was so much rain!”

Many of the cadets were nervous of rock climbing but went on to overcome their fears and enjoy the experience. Corporal Rohana Dewfall said: “I reached new heights not only on the climbing wall, but on a personal level. I also got to abseil down the rock, what a view.”

Cadet Cheyenne Woolf said: “Despite the fact this was my third year on an adventure training camp, I learnt something about myself on each activity. I had a brilliant time and made memorable accomplishments like climbing to the top of the slab”.

Cadet Ryan Guiling reflected on his week: “I thoroughly enjoyed the expedition, it was very hard but we felt like we achieved something, but most of all I had an amazing time learning to ski”.  Cadet Ryan Gerrard added: “I got to learn a new skill and found a new hobby – sailing. I will also not forget the experience of walking in the Welsh countryside”.

Flying Officer Justin Felice, who accompanied the cadets to the UK praised their efforts: “The Gibraltar cadets’ behaviour throughout the week was excellent. The expedition was very hard but the cadets showed good team work, resilience to the extreme elements and most of all maintained a good sense of humour throughout. Well done and congratulations.”

For further information on the Air Training Corps please contact Flying Officer Justin Felice on 58008180.


For further information please contact Command Media Officer Julia Wilde on 2005 5084.

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New Charity Established in Gibraltar



A new charity named the ‘’Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Gibraltar’’ has been established in Gibraltar, the charity will have for its main objectives the constant and vigorous campaigning and contact with the Gibraltar Health Authority and all other relevant  authorities and organisations in Gibraltar and elsewhere for the attainment, creation, maintenance and supervision of medical and social facilities and conditions  of excellence to provide for the treatment and awareness in Gibraltar and elsewhere of those persons and the families affected by Cystic Fibrosis in order to ensure a meaningful and beneficial improvement in their lives and to provide practical and emotional support and information on all matters connected with Cystic Fibrosis.

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8 Year Old Swims To Save A Life


Reference:     JDW/01/08                                                  Date: 01 August 2012


KIND hearted Ben Donohue (8) is going to swim 4.5 miles on the 1st September to raise money for critically ill Jamie Inglis (6) who he has never met.

Ben was sitting with his parents and their friend SSgt Robert Records when he overheard a conversation about Jamie.  40 year old Robert mentioned a close friend from his army training days whose son Jamie suffers from neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer.

Robert mentioned that Jamie had already beaten the deadly disease when he was only three, but he now needs to raise £250,000 to pay for relapse treatment in Germany.  Ben was moved enough to put a plan into action and decided to swim 4.5 miles as a sponsored swim.

His enthusiasm and determination stirred an idea in Robert’s mind who felt it was unfair to let him do a sponsored event on his own.  So Robert decided to run a marathon on the same day.  He will run a lap of the rock and complete the rest on a treadmill located at the Europa pool.   As if running a marathon wasn’t difficult enough in the heat, Robert will then attempt to run up the rock!

Further information is available from Command Media Officer Julia Wilde on 2005 5084.


Rosie’s CF Story


Rosie with husband Winston

What Is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disorder that attacks both the respiratory and digestive systems. Mucus in patients with CF is very thick, and collects in intestines and lungs, this causes difficulty breathing as well as chronic lung infections and scarring; sufferers often compare it to breathing through a straw or drowning.  Most patients will eventually require lung transplantation; unfortunately the lack of donors means that most of them will die before a healthy pair of lungs is available. The mucus in the pancreas and digestive system makes digestion very hard, sometimes blocking the pancreatic ducts completely, therefore causing malnutrition.  Due to this, CF sufferers are required to take an average of 35 pancreatic enzymes every day, to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients. The sweat glands are also affected by this disease, causing sufferers to lose a huge amount of salt when they sweat. This can upset the balance of minerals and can cause abnormal heart rhythms, putting them at risk of going in to shock. Aside from the main aspects of CF, there are also other side effects such as poor growth, premature arthritis/osteoporosis, liver failure, gallstones, reoccurring nasal polyps, infertility (mainly in males)… [Read more…]

Gibraltar’s Own Olympic Torch

 Gibraltarians Nicola Bosio and Amanda Carreras did Gibraltar proud as they carried the Olympic Torch through the streets of Ealing last Tuesday.  The local athletes were cheered on by a group of Gibraltarians who proudly held the red and white Gibraltar flag.  Nicola was the first to run, later passing on the flame to her fellow sportswoman Amanda. Jonathan Manasco captured this extraordinary moment as the two young ladies proudly passed the flame, an unforgettable experience for all involved without a doubt. [Read more…]

Caring For Your skin During Summer

We all know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun. Of course, it’s impossible to avoid the sun – who wants to stay indoors when you could spend a lovely day at the beach? Not everything about the sun is bad either.  Sunlight helps our bodies create vitamin D. So follow these tips when you’re outdoors and learn to soak up all the good things the sun has to offer. [Read more…]