The Triplet’s Week 2


Cole enjoying Kangaroo Care

Cole enjoying Kangaroo Care

This week I’ve felt as though the world is crashing down on me, and I don’t know how much longer I can go on for, I’m usually a very positive and cheerful person unfortunately at the moment I’m a bit of an emotional wreck.

All three babies were moved from incubators to cots and Alistair and Bradley seem to be adapting just fine, can’t say the same about Cole though as his tiny body was losing a lot of heat and had to be put back in….it’s how it is with premies unfortunately, you go two steps forward get your hopes up and then you go another step back.  Cole, bless him is still the smallest of the three and the only one struggling to put on weight, and although I feel blessed just for the fact I have them with me, it’s heart breaking to see his brothers progressing and not him.

Due to obvious reasons, (above) we won’t be going back when we expected and of course it’s killing me inside to know I won’t see Peter and Evan just yet, which is so hard because a cuddle from them is exactly what I need to keep me going at this point.

My sister has been here the whole week and has been of great help with the babies and so supportive, but she too will be returning to Gibraltar this weekend L

Before my three musketeers came along I thought it was hard to be away from Evan and Peter but now, I find myself coming “home” at night at 2 or 3 am and all I want to do is grab my three boys and run, because it’s so hard  to have to leave them behind, my heart has been torn into a million pieces, and I just wish I could skip right to the end of the finished puzzle, because this is the hardest thing I have ever had to face……..BUT   just when I feel I can’t take any more of this, I get the most amazing smile from one of my babies and suddenly everything feels better and I can’t help but smile right back at him, and that’s how I find my strength I guess!!
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Helpful Tips For Job Interviews

When applying for a job it’s important to research about the company culture, what they do and how the work, and then think of ways in which you could be beneficial to the company.  A great resource for your research would be there website.

Fidgeting is a big NO, if you tend to fidget when you’re nervous or under pressure use your hands to express yourself whilst talking. By avoiding this you will appear more relaxed and confident.  Think of an interview as selling a product, you have to convince them that YOU are indeed the best person for the job.


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Skin Care Tips for Winter

As winter aproches it is now time to change our skin care routines, and you know summer is over when your glow begins to fade.  With every seasonal change, a facial is adviced to jump start your skin care routine, this way you will start the new season on a clean slate, and leave your skin feeling and looking great.

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated in the summer, but now that the weather conditions are changing drinking water isn’t one of our main priorities anymore???? Or is it??  It is just as important to maintain hydrated in the winter as it is in the summer and if you want to achieve healthier looking skin this is definitely a must!!

Flaxseed oil intake is also proved to help repair and protect skin. [Read more…]

The Royal Navy Order Spanish Fishing Boats Out Of Gibraltar Waters

A Guardia Civil Launch was forced to leave Gibraltar  waters by the Royal Navy on Thursday evening. The Guardia, watched over 12 Spanish fishing boats for over half an hour, who were located a few metres from the detached mole.  GBC gave live feedback from the scene on to their facebook page during the incident, and managed to record the Radio warning  from the Royal Navy ordering them to leave.   To watch this video click here.

Coca-Cola & Charles Gaggero & Company Limited Announce Future Flames Selected to Run with Olympic Torch


Coca-Cola in association with Charles Gaggero and Company Limited today unveiled the exceptional individuals who will be honoured as they carry the Olympic Flame during the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay this summer. [Read more…]

Giselle Green Takes Kindle By Storm – in-depth interview

Giselle Green

Giselle Green

Following on from the article by Elena Scialtiel we’ve published on page 51 of the print version of the April edition Insight Gibraltar magazine, here’s a more in-depth interview with Giselle Green. 

 A Sister’s Gift rocketed to number one bestseller on Amazon Kindle over the Christmas holidays, after just few days in the top 100. Falling For You reached the third top spot on the overall UK Kindle bestsellers list in January. The novel is now available in paperback too. [Read more…]