Week 22

Photo by Bianca Baglietto

Photo by Bianca Baglietto

With only six weeks to go, the pressure is piling on for the hubby and I to get everything ready for our little boys before I leave Gibraltar… and the worst thing of all, is that I have to do it all whilst battling with the unrelenting back pain that now tortures me day and night!

Although the pain cannot be helped by form of medication (regardless of how much I plead or pray), I have received countless back and foot rubs from my caring family which have eased the pain… if only for a minute.

Mid week we took Evan to the Lesuire centre where we all enjoyed some quality family

Yup...I'm Hormonal & Dangerous Lol

Yup…I’m Hormonal & Dangerous Lol

time.  Evan loves to Bowl and so we played a few rounds followed by a few arcade games.  Peter also treated us to one lovely meal and so we had a perfect day out.

Saturday was a busy day … We started off the day with a family photoshoot at the beach and with the weather on our side we were able to enjoy the warm sunshine and Evan got to play around in the sand. After lunch, Evan and I went to my cousin’s birthday tea party, where we enjoyed some lovely strawberry and cream sponge cake.

Behind the Scenes, Bianca & Myself

Behind the Scenes, Bianca & Myself

With regards to “getting ready for the boys”, my lovely relatives have this week helped me be that much closer to my goal. As with my first son, there were some large items which – from day one – I scoured the shops to make sure I found just the right one for my babies. With regards to the bouncer, I knew I’d found the right one when I saw a velvety, blue bouncing cradle (which plays music and vibrates). My Auntie and Uncle, who had also bought me a bouncer for young Evan when he was a born, along with their son, daughter and son-in-law have bought my little

My New Bouncing Cradles

My New Bouncing Cradles

men three matching bouncing baby cradles… just the ones I wanted.

Farewell for now, all my love,


Photo’s by Bianca Baglietto Photography

Week 18 – Baby Shower Special

My Bump pic this weeks includes my two lovely friends Nicky and Kay, ly both xox

My Bump pic this week includes my two lovely friends Nicky and Kay, ly both xox

Hey guys, this week has been a a crazy one, been really busy with work, and both Evan and myself have had a cold.

Moving on from all the craziness, my week hasn’t been bad at all, met up with my preggy friends Nicola and Kayleigh again, we had a lovely lunch together at one my favourite lunch time venue’s.

My baby shower was amazing, my family did such a great job with all the decorations and every little detail was perfect.  I’m so grateful to my Mum, Aunt and Sis who gave their all, to make the day a memorable one!!  I also have to thank all my friends and family for all the lovely gifts, and especially for all the lovely comments they left on my baby book, it was very emotional reading some of them, and I almost turned my house into a water park with so many tears haha!!  I also have to thank my dear friend Bianca for once again capturing all these special moments, its a shame we can never get her in front of the camera though Lol And a special shout out to my friend Nadine, from the Varyl Begg Social Club who prepared some lovely snacks for us.

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