Drumroll For Funk-Meista Charlie Moore

Following on from our editorial written by Elena Scialtiel that appears on page 33  of the May 2012 issue of Insight Magazine in-print, here’s a more in-depth article on Charlie Moore, the overall winner of the 2011 Newton Creative Awards in Gibraltar. [Read more…]

Gonhs Urges Government To Stand Strong On Nature Protection

The Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society notes the proceedings of the meeting between the RGP and Spanish fishermen that took place on the 3rd April, and urges the Government to stand firm in the protection of Gibraltar’s marine life. It must certainly not acquiesce to terms which, in the fishermen’s own admission, were scribbled ad hoc on the back of an envelope during the meeting.GONHS also notes the significant irony in that these fishermen felt that a tacit agreement from 1999, which is illegal, should be upheld when other agreements that were set up using legal instruments under the Cordoba Agreement, and which might have gone some way to protect the environment, are now not recognised by the new Spanish Government. [Read more…]

Giselle Green Takes Kindle By Storm – in-depth interview

Giselle Green

Giselle Green

Following on from the article by Elena Scialtiel we’ve published on page 51 of the print version of the April edition Insight Gibraltar magazine, here’s a more in-depth interview with Giselle Green. 

 A Sister’s Gift rocketed to number one bestseller on Amazon Kindle over the Christmas holidays, after just few days in the top 100. Falling For You reached the third top spot on the overall UK Kindle bestsellers list in January. The novel is now available in paperback too. [Read more…]