Gib Report, the Gibraltar app that gets everyone talking!

Gib Report is an iphone/iPad app that enables the user to report quickly and easily any activity that is worth addressing in Gibraltar.
It is available for download on the iTunes app Store now. All the proceeds until 19th December 2012 will go to GBC Open Day. Our target is 1000 downloads.
You can support GBC Open Day and Gib Report not only by purchasing the app (for yourself or as a gift) but also by rating the app on the App store. You can check Gib Report download progress and find more information on its Facebook page: Gib Report.
How does the Gib Report app work?
– From the home screen, simply navigate and select the correct option.
You will be able to report by email or in some instances by phone.
– Clicking on the phone icon will dial for you. – Clicking on the email icon will fill in the email address for you.
Gib Report enables you to report to the following:
. Police . Media . Health and Safety bodies . The Ombudsman . Human Rights organisations . Trade Unions . Childline . Women in Need . Citizens Advice Bureau . Department of consumer Affairs . GibElect . GibSat . AquaGib . Gibtelecom . GSPCA
and much more!
You will also be able to take a picture and send it to the police or anybody else in just a couple of taps.
Gib Report also includes a fun “Happy Report” section where you can share good moments with your friends and family.
So why not download Gib Report now? You will support a great initiative and have a great new tool in your pocket!

Gibraltar’s Own Olympic Torch

 Gibraltarians Nicola Bosio and Amanda Carreras did Gibraltar proud as they carried the Olympic Torch through the streets of Ealing last Tuesday.  The local athletes were cheered on by a group of Gibraltarians who proudly held the red and white Gibraltar flag.  Nicola was the first to run, later passing on the flame to her fellow sportswoman Amanda. Jonathan Manasco captured this extraordinary moment as the two young ladies proudly passed the flame, an unforgettable experience for all involved without a doubt. [Read more…]