The Triplets turn one!


Left to right, Alistair, Bradley & Cole
Photo by Little Lenses Photography

First and for most I would like to apologise for the delay in updating my blog, my three little munchkins have been keeping me quite busy to say the least Lol

A year ago today, Alistair, Bradley and Cole were delivered by C section and then immediately rushed off to the NICU in incubators, I barely got  a glimpse of them.  After an hour in the recovery room the consultant came to see me and explained how lucky we were to get to keep all three of them as Bradley almost didn’t make it and how he was in critical state.  Needless to say after many ups and downs all my babies pulled through like warriors.   Today they celebrate their first Birthday but also what to me was a miracle.

I see my babies smile and it fills my heart with joy.  Its funny you know, many a time have I been told “what a handful” or “I don’t envy you” others simply smile and tell me what a blessing they are, and to me that’s exactly what they are. Yes, there are days when I’m tired and feel like bashing my head against the wall, but most days are filled with laughter and joy.   Nothing to me is more satisfying that spending time with my family, my husband Peter and my four beautiful boys are my life!

Lots of preparations going on today for the babies party, balloons, gifts ect.  Thank you Piece of Cake once again for a beautifully crafted cake, which I’m dreading to carry to the party venue in case I drop it. Another huge thank you to Little Lenses Photography for the lovely photos, we all really enjoyed the photo shoots, especially the cake smash.

By Little Lenses Photography

By Little Lenses Photography

I wish my three musketeers a very happy birthday and hope they have the most amazing day ahead.

To my followers, thank you once again for your continued support you guys ROCK!!!

All my love

Kat x

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