On The Buses – Gibraltar Bus Tracker Web App Launched

bus-Tracker-Logo The Gibraltar Bus Company has launched its new website (www.gibraltarbuscompany.gi) which also features a handy Bus Tracker WebApp.

The Bus Tracking WebApp developed by the Gibraltar Government’s Information Technology & Logistics Department will provide a real-time bus tracking service which will cover working routes offered by the Gibraltar Bus Company. The launch will initially feature Routes 2 and 3 with further routes being developed soon.

The Gibraltar Bus Tracker WebApp will offer bus users real-time bus information from any smart phone or desktop computer with internet access, will be able to access the website, select a bus route and see a user friendly transit map that will display where buses are located within the given route. The buses will move across the map in real-time.

Gibraltar-BusesA spokesperson for the Gibraltar Government said, “We know where our buses are and so should you. The Gibraltar Bus Tracker Web App is yet another way in which we are trying to improve our service. Why wait for the bus when you can meet it?”

The Ministry has also announced that, in keeping with recommendations from the Draft Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan, Routes 4 and 9 are being modified for an enhanced and more efficient service, with a new pilot Route 6 having already commenced as from April 18th. The Route starts at Market Place Terminus, proceeding down Waterport Road to Mid-Harbour Estate via St Bernard’s Hospital, turning at the roundabout and back along the same route. This new pilot Route 6 and modifications to existing Routes 4 and 9 are also available to the public on the new Gibraltar Bus Company Website and at each bus stop.